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Stx-Turbo force

It is a gold awarded powerful stainless steel machine having twelve grinding heads, three sized grinding plates and cutting plates (fine, medium and coarse) which are ideal for mincing larger quantities of meat and bones for your domestic use. Due to its easy assembling it is easy to use and clean. It also includes a circuit breaker to prevent damages.

LEM Products .35 Meat Grinder

This is ETL certified an extensively used stainless steel machine by the people who prefer to process their own ground meat and also for their pets. It is designed for home use and its motor is lubricated for best performance. Its parts are easily available in the market if you have to replace. Due to the availability of its cleaning kit it is easier to clean. These machines also include grinding plates, stuffing tube to make sausages and hamburger patties and circuit breaker for safety.

Sunmile SM-G31

Sunmile SM-G31 is a cost effective model having a smaller motor that performs great. This device comes with many attachments that enable you to make variety of foods like sausages and pasta noodles and the noodle attachment is a bonus with such a low cost grinder. If you have cut your meat into small enough pieces then it gives you the speed equals to the expensive grinders, but bones can cause jam to this machine.

Waring 105 Professional Meat Grinder

It is an attractive machine in lower price and has the capacity to process larger quantities of meat and ideal for those people who grind their meat regularly or often. It is made of die-cast stainless steel material and comprises of a 500 watts motor. This model enables you to ground your meat as per your required sizes because of the availability of cutting plates. It brings the attachment of sausages and you can make sausages without purchasing any other appliances.

Electric 2.6 HP 2000 watts Industrial Grinder

This is a heavy duty machine which is suitable to be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. It does the job quickly and efficiently and suitable for big families too, especially for those who intend to use it commercially. It has the three main cutting blades to chop the meat as per your requirement.

Norpro Meat Grinder and Pasta maker

Norpro is an FDA approved manual meat grinder and also have functions to be used as mincer and pasta maker. It is ideal for vegetarians as it has the quality of grinding vegetables, nuts and beans. Its cutting blades and mincing plates are made up of stainless steel to assure your health safety. Sausages attachments are also attached.

STX International STX 3000 MF Mega Force patented Air Cooled Meat Grinder

STX is a good looking model, made up of cast aluminum which is a food grade material. The built-in motor is a powerful air cooled motor which assures its long time durability. It has buttons for low/high speed and also for purposes. A circuit breaker assures the safety. It has three cutting and grinding blades for sizing and grinding as per your requirement. Three sausage tubes are also available for making sausages.

Waring Pro MG-855 Professional Die-Cast Metal Housing Meat Grinder

It is attractive designed and a highly functioned machine. If you want to make your foods at home including sausages, hamburgers, chili, spreads and pates, then this model meets your requirement completely. It comprises of larger hopper made up of die-cast aluminum, a heavy duty motor, control switches, reverse function and sausage attachments too. It is easy to clean.

Sunmile 1.6HP No.8 Stainless Steel Meat grinder

Sunmile 1.6 HP is a beautifully designed a quality grinder for your home meat processing. It include 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 stainless steel cutting plates, 1 cube attachment, 3 sausage attachment and 1 plastic food pusher. For your safety it has circuit breaker and for your facility it has reverse button as well as regular forward button.

Factors Looking For Best Meat Grinder

Meat grinders enable you to take control of safety of your diet. The food you prepared as your own in your home brings more joy to you and tastes more delicious than ready to cook food. You can grind your meat according your own textures, sizes in any quantity you wish. You are not bound to purchase certain quantities in certain packing and texture. These machines bring freedom for your kitchen’s meat products.

best meat grinder

So if you are looking for best meat grinder for you then you should consider the following points at first

  • Usage- Your routine of grinding meat regularly/occasionally
  • Quantity- Quantity of your meat to be ground
  • Purpose- Grind meat only for you or you need to make pet food
  • Budget- Amount you are willing to spend
  • Stand Mixer

Usage and Quantity of the Meat

First of all you are required to consider the routine of your grinding meat. If you grind meat occasionally in smaller quantities then a manual grinder will be suitable for you though electric grinders are also available for this usage so the choice is yours. If you are grinding smaller quantities then The most suitable models for you will be Waring MG-105, Sunmile SM- G31 or the LEM Products .75 HP.

 But if you grind meat at regular basis in larger quantities then you will have to spend more money and you should purchase a heavy duty power grinder to save your time and effort. Now you should consider that are you grinding meat only for your kitchen? Or you have to make sausages, baby foods and pet food etc.  If yes then you area daily user and you probably grind larger quantities. You should purchase electrically powered a heavy duty grinder with extra attachments of sausages, vegetables, and for your pets food. Then the recommended models are STX 3000 TF Turboforce, Best choice Electric 2.6 HP, STX 3000 MF Mega force and the LEM products 1 HP can grind hundreds of pounds per hour.


There is lot of meat grinders available in the market with different price ranges. It is up to you that what you want to purchase. You should plan your budget at first and then try to search a grinder in the range of your budget. Never pay extra for a grinder by knowing its function that you will never use. Make sure that you are purchasing a grinder meeting your requirement and falls within your budget. At the end of the day all the grinders perform their basic function equally.

Stand Mixer

If you are having a stand mixer at your home and you plan to grind your meat occasionally and do not have plans to grind larger quantities at the same time , then you should buy some attachments might be better then purchasing a whole new meat grinder. This option is not good for grinding larger quantities but if you are a single person or a small family it will work perfect.

Top meat grinder on market for your kitchen!

Today in the market there are different type of meat grinder are available. But for choosing the best meat grinder is complicated task for the people. So if you are finding a best meat grinder for you then this article will definitely help you. this article will help you find a top meat grinder.

When we grind a meat the grinder we always avoid preservatives and chemicals so that our meat remains healthy. We also have different type of advantages of grinding the meat at home. We can control the thickness of meat according to our need by using the meat grinder.

  • Types of meat grinders

There are different types of meat grinders in the market. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Manual grinder: manual grinder is best for the people who grind the meat occasionally. These grinders need manual work. We have to use our force for grinding the meat. So it depends upon our body strength.

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Care and Store Meat Grinder

If you are conscious about your diet and believe to grind your own meat, hamburgers, sausages and your baby foods etc., then you will be using a stand mixer or grinding machine. You are doing all things at home with your own grinders. Main the difficulty that may be faced is how to Care and Store Meat Grinder and its attachments clean and store them? So they remain useful, rust and stain free for a long time.  If you take proper care of your grinder it will reduce the risk of E.

Few care and store tips are given below to guide you how to clean your grinder clean and keep it in the store without affecting its durability. And you will be able to use it any time just bring it out from store assemble it and use it. Continue reading Care and Store Meat Grinder

How to find a meat grinder for your kitchen?

It is not necessary that you should buy minced meat ever, now days in the age of innovations and modernization people have become too much conscious about their health and eating habits. People prefer safety and cleanliness mostly when they are conscious about the safety, quality and taste. if you need a meat grinder, read this article and find a meat grinder.

So if you are a meat consumer and also like the minced meat for your home made dishes, your sausages, hamburgers, and ready to cook products etc. Then you need a grinder to grind your fresh meat quickly, safely, and according to your own texture and will taste better than the grinded meat you purchase from store. You can also grind your frozen meat with the grinder and will remain as nutritious as before.

There are many benefits of grinding meat by your own grinding machine. The meat produced by your machine is fresher, healthier and nutritious too. If you have restricted diets you should benefit from these machines.

Through meat grinder reviews, types of meat grinder and Your user demand hope you will choose for your kitchen a good meat grinder Continue reading How to find a meat grinder for your kitchen?